Following recent conversations with Steve the groom, it was great to meet the man in person last Monday before he left with ‘the boys’ for the beautiful ‘island’ church within the grounds of Orchardleigh.
As guests began to congregate at the Manor House awaiting the vintage bus that had been hired to take them all to the church, they realised after a while that it was not turning up and so three range rovers and a minibus were supplied by the team at Orchardleigh Estate.


“The car was perfect – Steve sorted it out and I was so

pleased when I saw it on the day – beautiful!”

As the final group of guests departed, we made our way down to the church with Genna’s bridesmaids and then returned to collect Genna and her father, arriving only twenty five minutes after the official 2pm start.

Below is an image showing the arrival of Genna and her father as we drove the final part of the journey to St. Mary’s church.  An intimate little church set on an island with a bridge decorated in the same flowers and voile.


After the ceremony, their photography and videography team Jake from Ryan Welch photography
spent some time at the church taking some gorgeous private photos of the newly weds, colours are fantastic!


After, we travelled at leisure back to the Manor House at Orchardleigh where further images were taken with the car on arrival, notice that we travelled with the hood down in late October!



Congratulations to a truly wonderful couple, I hope you enjoy a very happy life together and thank you so much for your lovely comments recently received and for the images from your day, very much appreciated!