Jayne Hobbs Award Winner


I spent most of my early years in the Winterbourne/Frampton Cotterell area and later pursued a career in Personnel for a large engineering company. At twenty five I moved to South Wales as a Sales Rep for Britvic Soft Drinks and later as a Recruitment Consultant in South Wales and Bristol.

I met my future husband Ted in 1993, and just before we were planning our own wedding, I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a proprietor of a wedding car hire business.


Just after our wedding in October 1996, we put plans in place for our very first ivory convertible and it was my husband who suggested the name ‘Englands Finest Cars’ taken from my maiden name ‘England’.


During our very first year we completed a total of sixteen weddings, with the first wedding reserved for March 1997 for a work colleague who was married at St. Bonaventures Catholic Church in Bishopston. Our second car was purchased some six years later and our third and final car some two years later.


My daughter has always been aware that ‘mummy’ works on a Saturday and in later years this increased to Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with the odd mid-week wedding too, so our holidays in Spain were always a very special time for us all to catch up as a family.

Lizzie is about to launch herself into University next September and is hoping to make a career for herself in nursing particularly working with children, and our two young grandchildren are also now involved in family time together.

This year I decided that after twenty years providing wedding car hire, I really wanted to spend more time at home with my husband and our two golden retrievers.

Therefore, with effect from January 2016 I will be semi-retiring and downsizing our matching fleet of three ivory convertibles to just the one vehicle with myself as the personal uniformed chauffeuse.

It has been wonderful to work within the wedding industry and meet some great wedding specialists and true professionals within the business, and long may it continue!